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Parking Options for Palm Sunday

parkingFotolia_18260033_XSThe Trolley will run in a continual circle around Margaret Place and the Civic Center from 9:45 - 5:00. Because the option of J&R Carriage is available at the Civic Center, we strongly encourage parking at the Civic Center.

Permission has been secured from the property owners below to utilize their parking lots on Palm Sunday.

Example:  By parking in the Urology Clinic's parking lot on the corner of Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive and Alvin Street, you can catch the Trolley which will stop right in front of the Urology Clinic. Within minutes, get off in front of 205 Shell Beach Drive, one of the homes on the tour and very near 3 others!  If you have not secured your ticket, you can do so in front of the house thanks to the friendly Gingham Ladies.


As you see the nine homes on the tour, work your way from Shell Beach Drive toward Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive and the Exhibit.  Catch the Trolley in front of ICCS or on DeBakey/Harrison and return to the parking lot!

On Ryan:

  • ICCS (note: the area directly in front of the front door is designated for the Trolley.)
  • Louisiana Companies (DeBakey and Ryan)
  • OB’s
  • Household Furniture (Trolley Stop)
  • David Dwight’s Law Office
  • Ranier Law Firm
  • Richard Law Firm
  • NAI/Redd Properties
  • On street parking on street just north of Locke Park
  • Drew Ranier’s Law Office

On Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive:

  • Loftin, Cain, LeBlanc Law Office
    • On street parking on DeBakey in front of Loftin’s office
  • MKH parking lot
  • ERA Moffett
  • Gragson, Cassidy CPA firm
  • Lifeshare Blood Donor building (Trolley Stop)
  • Urology Clinic on DeBakey and Alvin (Trolley Stop)
Handicap Parking (must have handicap sign)
  • Wilson Avenue, just behind ICCS