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The Palm Sunday Weekend Joint Committee

The scope of the Palm Sunday Weekend, 2012 required a significant effort!

Joint CommitteeA  tremendous team was formed to deliver the 37th Annual Palm Sunday Tour.

The following volunteered their time and talents :

Calcasieu Historical Preservation Committee Representatives:

MK Hopkins, Chair and President of MPHD

Toni Yoder, Co-Chair

Several members of the Joint Committee prior to a meetingDonna Richard, President CHPS

Adley Cormier, Publicity Chair

Melinda Cormier, Exhibit Chair

Diane Frank, Preservation Groups

Sue Durio, Fiancial

Nancy Moss

William Coltrin 

Margaret Place Historical District (MPHD)

Jim Barnatt, MPHD Treasurer and Logistics Chair


Cheryl Fullington, MPHD Secretary, Sponsor Chair

Theresa Barnatt, Chair/Liasion to Owners

Leslie Knox, MPHD Director, Social

Cissy Guidry, Photographer, Exhibit

Barbara Wyman, Exhibit

Susan Percle, ICCS Representative, Exhibit

City of Lake Charles

Russ Adams, Logistics

SWLA Convention and Visitors Bureau

Tico Soto, Publicity

The Arts and Humanities Council of SW Louisiana

Matt Young

121 Artisan's Bistro

Ben Hererra, 100th Anniversary Brunch

At Large

Karen Krajicek