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Historic Areas and Sites in Calcasieu Parish


  • Downtown Lake Charles
    "The City of Lake Charles wishes to preserve the historical atmosphere of the downtown area, encouraging businesses to restore historic structures and construct new structures that compliment the existing architecture. Examples of this focus on historic preservation include the Charpentier Historic District, 1911 City Hall, and Central School, which serve as artistic and cultural centers for the community."

    City Of Lake Charles Website

    Downtown Lights, Photo courtesy of Laura KelleyA vital downtown, especially one with the historical significance of Lake Charles, is critical to economic development and general well being.

    The Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society has eagerly observed the progress of the Downtown Development efforts and encourages everyone to follow suit. Fortunately, it is quite easy to monitor the progress and plans as they are only a click away!  Simply visit the official website for the City of Lake Charles and click on "Downtown" from the Main Menu.

  • Charpentier Historic District

    Home in the Charpentier District
    The Charpentier (pronounced 'shar pah t yeah') District was formed by the city council in the mid 1980's. The district was placed on the National Registry in 1990.

    The area includes approximate twenty (20) blocks of homes and commercial buildings dating back to the late 1800's and 1900's.

    Be sure to check out our photo gallery of the Charpentier District.

  • Margaret Place

    Bungalow on Grove Street in Margaret PlaceMargaret Place Historical District was formed by the City Council in the mid 90's.

    It follows the same guidelines as the Charpentier District.

    Margaret Place is a considerably smaller area, but offers a variety of styles, including many bungalows.

    For the 2012 Palm Sunday Tour of Homes, CHPS joined forces with the Margaret Place Historical District to present the 37th Annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes along with the Margaret Place Fan Tour, and a Centennial Brunch.

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