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Palm Sunday Tour tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 at Gordon's Drug Store or the Arts and Humanities Council at Central School.

Tickets can also be purchased by clicking on the PayPal button below. 

PayPal tour ticket sales will close at noon on Saturday or when the allotted number of tickets sell, whichever occurs first.  Please be aware that there is a strong possibility of achieving the allotted sales prior to noon tomorrow.  Ticket sales are limited to minimize long lines.

Those who purchase via PayPal can pick up ticket(s) the day of the tour starting at 12:45 at the Stephanie and Robert Ryder home on South Division at the will-call table. Please provide your PayPal receipt to receive your ticket. Note that the will-call table closes at 2:30.

Depending on availability, "Day Of" tickets will be available at each house for $15.00 per person.

Proceeds from this year's Palm Sunday Brunch benefit the Catholic Cemetery Restoration Project.

The brunch hours are 11:00 -12:30, perfect to enjoy the brunch at the Harlequin and still visit the homes. 

Tickets are $25.00 and reservations are only available through PayPal. 

Seating for the brunch is limited so order today by clicking on the "Pay Now" link below.

A record of those who have purchased the brunch will be maintained for use when checking in at the Harlequin. We ask that you bring your PayPal receipt as proof of payment. 

Click the "Buy Now" link below to purchase your ticket(s) via PayPal. Remember, PayPal is the only way to purchase your brunch tickets.  

Proceeds from the brunch benefit the
Catholic Cemetery Restoration Project.


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CHPS Mission

Historic Lake Charles City HallThe mission of the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society (CHPS) is to encourage the preservation of historical buildings, objects, and places relating to the history of Louisiana and Calcasieu Parish, including its natural beauty and all that is distinctive to our state.

One of the primary ways that CHPS accomplishes this mission is to recognize those who have contributed toward the preservation of buildings, objects and places. This is done by presenting awards to deserving property owners via the Calca Commendation and the Landmark Awards.


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Home on Kirby in the Historic Charpenteir District. Click here for a photo gallery of homes in the Charpentier District

Margaret Place

Bungalow on Grove Street in Margaret Place.

Shell Beach Drive

Photo of Shell Beach Drive, Image from the collection of Trent Gremillion

Lost Landmarks

Postcard of the porch at the Majestic Hotel, a Lost Landmark

Area History and More!

Longtime preservationist and former President of CHPS, Adley Cormier, has graciously permitted us to publish a copy of his Timeline History of Southwest Louisiana.

Adley Cormier first presented this document to the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society.

On October 1, 2013, Adley Cormier, a local historian and City of Lake Charles Historic Preservation Commissioner (HPC) gave a presentation on researching historic homes and building historic districts. This was part of the ongoing "Tidbits of History" program of the Southwest Louisiana Genealogy and Historical Library, a branch of the Calcasieu Public Library System.

The presentation was also videoed for broadcast on C-Gov, the Parish's television channel. Cormier's presentation offered practical advice on how to explore and document building and neighborhood history. He provided this transcript of the presentation

At last! This Sunday is Palm Sunday!

Be sure to click on "Read More" below for a user-friendly Google Map that indicates the home locations as well as optional scheduling suggestions.

 825 South Division, Ryder Home825 S Division  1010 Enterprise Blvd, Brennen Home1010 Enterprise Boulevard
4507 Young Lane 10615 Hwy 384 Front
4507 Young, Guilott Home Hwy 384, Alexander/Dees Home


Palm Sunday celebrates 40 Years of Preservation: Saving Louisiana's Treasures

Four diverse and historic homes in a variety of Southwest Louisiana locations will be featured on the 40th Anniversary Palm Sunday Tour of Homes.

2015 Palm Sunday Tour of Homes

A spring tradition for four decades, this year's theme is, appropriately, "40 Years of Preservation: Saving Louisiana's Treasures" and will be held on March 29, 2015.

Hours are 1:00 - 5:00. Tickets to the tour can be purchased at Gordon's Drug Store on Lake Street, the Arts and Humanities Council at Central School, at each home on the tour, or via PayPal by clicking the "Pay Now" link below. 

Tickets purchased via PayPal will be available at the Ryder Home, 825 S. Division, at 12:45PM the day of the tour. Please provide your receipt at the "will call" table.

This year's Palm Sunday Brunch will be hosted by Nic Hunter and Harlequin Steaks & Seafood.


History of the Palm Sunday Tour

Forty years ago, the Palm Sunday Tour of Homes was envisioned and begun by three individuals—assisted by many others of course—but essentially the “baby” of Ann Rosteet Hurley, Reid Tyler, and Bill Terry.

Patrons enjoying the 2012 Palm Sunday Tour in Margaret Place. Photo by Cissy Guidry.At Bill Terry’s memorial service, stories were recounted of how the three “conspired” to showcase houses in what was then called “the Garden District”.   

Ann and Reid were locally born and bred, Bill was from Houston.  The three saw that this area had an immense inventory of older houses that could be wonderful homes for couples and families.  

They saw the beauty and charm in real craftsmanship, front porches, mature plantings, and sidewalks.  

They also knew the lure of the new subdivisions drawing people away from traditional neighborhoods.  

They concocted a tour in spring, on Palm Sunday when the azaleas would be in bloom, to encourage the public to re-think old houses and prove that they had charm and worth.


2015 Annual Meeting held at Brimstone Museum

The Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society held it’s Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at the Brimstone Museum in Sulphur, LA.

The 2015 Board of Directors and Officers were elected and the CALCA Commendation and Landmark Awards were announced.

Melinda Cormier reported the following Advocacy efforts on behalf of Advocacy Chair, Adley Cormier:

  • Lost Landmarks: This program, begun last year, will continue into 2015. At the last Annual Meeting, members were able to share in the unveiling of three “Lost Landmark” signs located at the sites of Ball’s Auditorium, the Majestic Hotel, and the block of Ryan Street where the Arcade, the Paramount, and the Weber buildings once stood. Lost Landmarks markers tell the thumbnail history of an important, but now, lost building. CHPS worked with researchers and with landowners to install the signs. We are grateful to have received support from the Arts and Humanities Council and the Convention and Visitors Bureau to make these markers possible. In the spring of 2015, we will be marking the sites of the Louisiana Baptist Orphanage on the block now occupied by St. Louis Catholic High School, the site of the original Lagrange High School at Ryan and School, and the site of one of the lost passenger railroad stations. (Location to be determined) We plan to continue to mark sites of significance to Southwest Louisiana history with such markers in the future. We welcome suggestions for such sites.


2014 Landmark Awards Announced

The 2014 Landmark Awards were announced at the Annual Meeting held at the Brimstone Museum in Sulphur.

1937 Iowa High School

• New Emanuel Baptist Church

• The Noble Building 

Photos of these buildings as well as Landmark Recipeints over the years can be found within Landmarks section of the Awards Menu.

Calca Commendation Awards for 2014 Announced

CALCA Commendation Awards for 2014 were presented at the Annual Meeting held on Jan 23rd, 2015.

Those receiving this distinction:

  • Kraus Construction Company Michael Kraus for 1150 Ryan Street Commendable Adaptive Reuse of Commercial Building
  • Floyd Fruge for 744 Kirkman Street Commendable Renovation of a Residental Building
  • Kay Noble for 111 Grove Street Commendable Renovation of a Residental Building
  • Bryan and Lynn Boudreaux for 117 Grove St. Commendable Renovation of a Residental Building

Lost Landmarks Section Added to Website

Since the re-connection of CHPS with the Southwest Louisiana Historical Association, one of the major heritage projects of the organization is the marking of sites important to telling the story of Southwest Louisiana. Towards that end, CHPS has instituted the “Lost Landmarks Program”.

Special newspaper edition, 1905This program continues the tradition of identifying sites and structures that helped to shape the economic, social and cultural life of the area.

section has been created within's Historic Areas Menu to recognize these Lost Landmarks here on

The project is to mark the site of now lost landmarks with custom cast metal markers to identify the site and to inform the interested public and tourists of the role played by the now missing landmark.

CHPS arranges for the research, the sign copy, the site coordination, and the promotion of the program.


More about the Catholic Cemetery Restoration Project

The Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society (CHPS) and The Catholic Cemetery Restoration Project are sponsoring a traditional All Souls' Day cemetery cleanup morning at the Catholic Cemetery on the corner of Iris and Common Streets.

Pujo grave. Photo by Virginia WebbAnyone interested in helping maintain this holy and historic place can meet at 9:00AM on November 2, 2013.

A light breakfast will be provided.

Bring gloves, your favorite bug spray, and wear gardening clothes and a hat.

Take the time to check out these "before photos" by Virginia Webb.